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ENDOCARE Advanced Anti-aging DERMAL Regeneration


ENDOCARE is the result of intense research efforts in the field of repairing irradiated skin, toward the search for natural substances that could help regenerate and repair burns caused by ionizing radiation used during cancer treatments.

SCA® Technology was created by Dr. Rafael Abad, a radiation therapist at the Ramón y Cajal Hospital (Madrid, Spain), inspired by his concern for his patients undergoing radiation therapy. These patients experienced severe burns due to the radiation they are subjected to during their treatment (radiodermatitis). In many cases this required patients to pause treatment until their skin could regenerate, with all the consequences that the suspension of cancer treatment entails.

Dr. Abad devoted his time to researching various substances that would regenerate skin following radiation therapy sessions, so that these patients could continue their treatment as soon as possible, until he came upon SCA®, the secretion from Cryptomphalus aspersa, which displayed rapid skin generation in his patients.

The SCA® Technology later demonstrated clinical evidence and efficacy for the treatment of radiodermatitis in the Chernobyl population (Ukraine) due to the nuclear accident in 1986. The results obtained from treating such highly altered skin with SCA® were excellent, leading to complete cutaneous recovery and rapid disappearance of discomfort.


ENDOCARE is an advanced, anti-aging SKIN REGENERATION line, the result of years of clinical research with proven efficacy in over 800 participants and has been published in the most prestigious international science journals.

The two main technologies included in ENDOCARE products are SCA®, rich in GROWTH FACTORS and IFC®CAF, which activates skin STEM CELLS. Both are obtained from the Cryptomphalus aspersa, gastropod, and are cultivated in CellHelix, a specially designed factory in Santander, Spain.PHARMACEUTICAL QUALITY CONTROL standards and analytical tests to guarantee efficacy and safety.


ENDOCARE is supported by a broad scientific endorsement that demonstrates the efficacy of its advanced anti-aging SKIN REGENERATION products at all research stages, from in vitro to in vivo, and in both the regeneration of skin following dermocosmetic procedures and the prevention and treatment of the signs of skin aging.

The ENDOCARE scientific endorsement has been strengthened through the development of its exclusive patented technologies.

SCA® is an exclusive protein bioconcentrate rich in growth factors that active fibroblasts, the most important dermis cells which are responsible for producing collagen and elastin.

Fibroblast activation is caused by various mechanisms:

- SCA® rejuvenates prematurely senescent fibroblasts.

- SCA® induces their proliferation, that of both normal fibroblasts and those in the process of senescence, which is characteristic of photoaging.

- SCA® encourages the adhesion and assembly of fibroblasts to the extracellular matrix in order to maintain dermal integrity.

- SCA® displays a powerful antioxidant capacity to trap free radicals and inhibit their generation, which can represent a risk to skin regeneration.

Estudio SCA piel Estudio SCA piel

An exclusive technology based on signaling biomolecules that activate skin stem cells in order to stimulate the production of dermal components.

- IFC®CAF increases the migration of stem cells to encourage skin regeneration.

- IFC®CAF increases the differentiation of stem cells into skin cells.

Estudio IFC®CAF piel Estudio IFC®CAF piel