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ENDOCARE Advanced Antiaging DERMAL Regeneration


ENDOCARE is the result of intense research in the field of skin repairing. Dr. Rafael Abad, radiotherapist at Ramon y Cajal Hospital in Madrid, studied different substances to regenerate skin after radiation therapies. During this research SCA®, the secretion of Cryptomphalus aspersa, was discovered.

SCA® Growth Factor was initially tested in the treatment of radiodermatitis where it provided astonishing results in reducing redness and irritation, and stimulating skin repair (Ledo E. study carried on 100 patients).

Dr. Abad researched different substances to regenerate skin after radiation therapies so his patients could resume their treatments as soon as possible. During this research, he discovered SCA®, the secretion of Cryptomphalus aspersa, which showed fast regeneration properties in patients’ skin.

Later on, the SCA® technology showed both efficacy and clinical evidence in the treatment of radiodermitis suffered by the people of Chernobyl (Ukraine) due to the nuclear disaster of 1986. The results obtained after treating such extremely burned skin with SCA® were excellent, achieving complete skin regeneration along with the fast disappearance of discomfort.


ENDOCARE is an advanced antiaging DERMAL REGENERATION brand, is the result of years of carefully documented in vivo and clinical work, and its efficacy has been demonstrated in international scientific publications involving over 800 patients.

The two main technologies featured in ENDOCARE are SCA® Growth Factor, rich in GROWTH FACTORS and IFC®CAF, a skin STEM CELL activator. Both are obtained from the gastropod Cryptomphalus aspersa, which is raised in CellHelix, a specially-designed GMP certified facility in Santander, Spain. PHARMACEUTICAL QUALITY CONTROL standards and analytical tests guarantee its efficacy and safety.


The scientific endorsement of ENDOCARE has been established through the development of its exclusive patented technologies. Subsequent trials on products containing SCA® or IFC®CAF in aging demonstrated powerful dermal regeneration activities, increasing skin collagen and elastin level, firming skin and reducing lines and wrinkles.

SCA® is an exclusive bioconcentrated fluid, rich in growth factors, which activate fibroblasts. It is obtained from the secretion of the gasteropod Cryptomphalus aspersa, a powerful natural source of dermal regeneration and antioxidant activity. It visibly reduces wrinkles and restores skin elasticity.

The activation of fibroblasts, the most important dermis cells responsible for collagen and elastin production, is caused by different mechanisms:

- SCA® rejuvenates senescent fibroblasts.

- SCA® induces fibroblasts proliferation, young & senescent.

- SCA® renews & assemblies the Extra-Cellular Matrix (ECM) to maintain the integrity of the DERMIS.

- SCA® shows a powerful antioxidant ability.

Estudio SCA piel Estudio SCA piel

IFC®CAF Cellular Activation Factor: an exclusive technology, based on signaling molecules which activate skin stem cells. It stimulates production of collagen, elastin and other structural components which are responsible for firmness, elasticity and smoothness.

- IFC®CAF increases skin stem cell migration

- IFC®CAF increases skin stem cell differentiation

Estudio IFC®CAF piel Estudio IFC®CAF piel